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Deceptively elegant, close examination of every Akoni style reveals intricate and distinctive detailing that is the hallmark of the brand. Inspired by luxury wristwatches, writing instruments, and other precious heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation, the Akoni collection incorporates the latest advances in materials, craftsmanship, and technology to ensure the recognizable presence of Akoni’s intelligent luxury DNA.

Calisto remixes the classic 1980’s aviator with an innovative, double-rimmed design and a mechanically bolted brow bar inlaid with enamel—complimentary accent colors add a clever touch of sophisticated style to this timeless classic.

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Rapid advances in technology necessitated the introduction of squared-off navigator designs to fit under next-generation flight helmet visors. Europa is a modern interpretation of the classic navigator featuring smaller lenses than our Eos style, making it the perfect choice for a wide variety of face shapes and for those who prefer a more...

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Introduced nearly a century ago, the teardrop-shaped aviator represented the ideal lens shape for protecting the eyes of pioneering pilots in the early days of flight. Despite its long history, this iconic style retains its original youthful swagger—which is why, decade after decade, the classic aviator remains a favorite of rebels, rock stars, and the...

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