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  • Activist Eyewear

    Activist Eyewear is a Brooklyn brand that has developed a new original concept of urban style eyewear. The classic front of Activist Eyewear's glasses is combined with forked “Split-Fit” temples – the brand’s innovation – which ensures greater stability on the face, increasing grip & comfort. This feature - which later became the brand's know-how - has made the Activist Eyewear's glasses a perfect accessory for doing sports, together with the brand’s excellent polarized lenses. Each pair of glasses is manufactured in Japan and comes in a set with a waxed cotton case and coloured cleaning cloths. 

    Activist Eyewear's motto is «Designed in Brooklyn and Made in Japan».

  • Ahlem

    AHLEM is a luxury eyewear brand founded by designer Ahlem Manai-Platt. AHLEM frames are  designed in California and produced by hand in  France.

  • Amen

    Conceived in 2003, within Jato Group’s reality, the brand has been appreciated by a refined and cosmopolitan clientele, among which celebrities and socialites stand out.

  • Aude Herouard

    Organic acetate eyewear. Handmade in France.

  • Carla Colour

    Carla Color glasses are handmade in Italy using the best quality colored acetate. All sun lenses are manufactured by Zeiss Optics, promising the best UV protection and clarity of vision. All glasses come with a handmade vegetable leather case + design box.

  • Cutler and Gross

    British eyewear brand CUTLER AND GROSS was founded by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross.Together they launched Cutler and Gross in 1969 and opened their own store with a workshop upstairs where the exclusive eyewear was designed and assembled by hand. In 1982, Marie Wilkinson joined the company as a Design Director and has been holding the post to present day. The same year, at Paris Fashion Week, Tony Gross for the first time presented the new collection that had a tremendous success and won the recognition of artists, architects, designers and other art workers. In recent years many eyewear companies have opted for mass production, yet Cutler and Gross has not followed this path. The company upholds its traditional values and today handcrafts its frames based on the processes it originally used. Cutler and Gross production facility is based at its factory in Cadore, Italy due to the level of craftsmanship provided and the quality the Italian workers can supply.

  • Dita

    Inspired by Hollywood’s iconic Golden Age, DITA’s designs can take as many as 320 separate steps over 8 months to create. DITA’s craftsmen have spent many years transforming the finest acetates and metals into luxurious eyewear.

  • Fakoshima x Ria Keburia

    FAKOSHIMA X RIA KEBURIA is a limited eyewear collection created in collaboration between FAKOSHIMA and RIA KEBURIA. Every new collection created by Ria Keburia, a Georgian designer, currently based in Paris, becomes an explosive event, covered by the most notorious fashion publications. FAKOSHIMA’s vanguard sunglasses have quickly become admired by thousands of people all over the world and are now filling the pages of fashion magazines and, according to expert opinions, have firm chances to influence the new-coming trends.

  • Folc Eyewear

    Folc eyewear is a Barcelona-based eyewear brand focused on design

  • GLCO

    Garrett Leight California Optical was founded by Garrett Leight in 2009 in California. GLCO designers believe that the right way to make handmade eyewear is combining authentic design and high quality materials with the work of true craftsmen. The company’s manufacturer creates the fairest priced and most valuable eyewear combining timeless classics with a contemporary feel. 

  • Hardy Amies

    The HARDY AMIES eyewear collection draws inspiration from the man himself: his work, his life and his attitude to fashion. This luxury collection of vintage inspired frames exudes class and sophistication with the emphasis on impeccable design and attention to detail.

  • Helmut Lang


    Established in 1986, HELMUT LANG is one of fashion’s most influential brands, known for its pioneering minimalism.

  • Henau

    These days, glasses have become a true must-have of any fashionista, expressing and emphasizing its wearer’s personality and character. A logical evolution: since glasses are the first thing people notice when they meet someone, why not make most of this opportunity to make an impression? That is why designer Marc Delagrange, optics and modern art aficionado, showcases glasses as haute couture: objets d’art without affecting functionality and comfort.

  • Irresistor

    IRRESISTOR is one of the most stylish Korean brands of the moment. Famous for their eclectic, extravagant and futuristic design, the IRRESISTOR glasses are handcrafted using the best Japanese titanium and acetate.

  • John Dalia

    Created in 2011, JOHN DALIA offers high-end pieces that obey the natural laws of luxury: precision, desirability and timelessness. Indeed, JOHN DALIA operates in a world of ultimate luxury with timeless creations fashioned by the people who wear them. Unparalleled quality, exceptional materials and a love of simple beauty are the cornerstones of this family-owned fashion house of Parisian eyewear makers. The JOHN DALIA standards, which require over 100 manufacturing steps by some of the finest French craftsmen, have now become industry standards.

  • Karen Walker

    Karen Walker sunglasses was launched in 2005 and feature frames which have roots in vintage, but are infused with a modern flare. Karen Walker, a New Zealand born designer, has become famous ever since debuting her unpretentious runway collection having a reputation for its originality, quality, effortless cool and sense of fun.

    Karen Walker’s sunglass designs are quite an eclectic mix, bringing together many elements with a surprising ease. They embody tailored and street, masculine and feminine, dark and bright. 

  • Leica+Mykita

    To create sunglasses with uncompromising quality and clarity of vision, MYKITA and Leica have pioneered sun lenses with optical grade quality. These organic 1.6 index lenses are ground and polished from a cast lens blank in a process normally reserved for prescription glasses. The lens warranty accompanying each product verifies its single-unit production with a unique serial number.

  • LPLR

    LPLR Eyewear (acronym for "La Petite Lunette Rouge» — «Little Red Glasses») is exclusively designed and handmade in France. The LPLR designers wished to revisit the popular 80s "clip on" by adding a characteristic double bridge with a red top line on all their frames, the LPLR unique brand signature.

  • Lunetterie General

    All frames are handmade in Japan. Quality control is carried out under the watchful eye of our eyewear master who ensures that the highest standards are met at all 232 manufacturing steps from over 8 specialized workshops.

  • Matsuda

    All of our eyewear is painstakingly crafted by hand in the artisinal eyewear workshops of Japan. Each Matsuda creation represents over 45 years of design history and heritage. Only the finest materials, including celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating are used in each creation.

  • Mykita

    MYKITA is a modern manufactory that combines precision craftsmanship and new technologies. A constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements behind MYKITA’s collections.

  • Mylon

    All MYLON models boast extreme stability, low weight and outstanding durability. The key is a polyamide-based patented material that can be individually adjusted to the wearer.

  • Native Sons

    NATIVE SONS is a luxury Japanese handmade eyewear brand.

    All NATIVE SONS acetates are made from original cellulose (plant) with original long-diamond-tooled core wires and original arrow-shaped hinge design constructed using an old school star-nut configuration to adjust and hold hinge tension, making it harder to loosen. The beauty marks accenting the front connections and side temples are striped, finished in antique plating then hand-polished to leave a hairline finish.

    Metal frames are constructed in weld-lug style and are very bold, created with high-grade titanium, antique plated and hand finished. The temples are an interesting paddle configuration set to a length that will maintain tension on the temporal protrusion just behind the ear.

  • Niloca

    NILOCA eyewear is handcrafted in the brand’s workshops in Australia, France and Japan. The Australian NILOCA Eyewear workshop was founded in 1963 and is one of the oldest workshops in the world. The Japanese NILOCA titanium factory is currently run by the Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson of the original founder.

    NILOCA designs are based on strong Industrial Design principals fused with an Optician's clout for frame fitting and colour selection. Some NILOCA frames take 4 years to reach production.

  • Ophy Eyewear

    OPHY Eyewear is an Italian brand born from the inspiration and the boundless imagination of two extravagant young minds who share a common goal: fulfilling their passion for modern contemporary design through the creation of eyewear.

  • RVS

    RVS Eyewear is produced by hand by Japanese and Italian artisans with years of tradition in the eyewear business. Each RVS frame is made from only the finest Japanese and Italian materials in only matte finish. Every final detail on each RVS frame is finalized in hand, including the brand’s signature hand painted red hinge screws. Each RVS frame is produced in limited quantities and dated with its exact date of production to assure the clients they are purchasing a truly one of a kind piece of eyewear.

  • Salt

    Designed in California and handcrafted in Japan.
    We start with the highest quality raw materials to get a pair of glasses of the highest quality. Each pair of Salt glasses goes through a 130-step process, producing a piece that can also be passed down for generations.Best-in-class hardware with a focus on luxury fit and finish.

  • Thom Browne

    Thom Browne, a designer who is best known for the workmanship and his almost obsessive attention to details, was awarded the 2013 Menswear Designer of the Year by The Council of Fashion Designers of America. In 2011, he teamed up with the LA-based luxury eyewear designer, Dita, to release unisex sunglasses styles inspired by the master architects, studio artists, industrial designers and professors of the 40s, 50s and 60s.

    Each eyewear style is marked with the signature Thom Browne red, white and blue logo tip and four stripe hinge. For his metal collection, all eyewear frames are made of high-grade titanium delivering strength, lightness and comfort.

    “As a designer, I’m supposed to be provoking people’s reactions, and getting people to see things differently. […] That’s the only way things move forward.”

  • Viveur

    Viveur is an independent Italian eyewear brand based in Milan. All Viveur shapes are created to suit all origins, styles and ages. Each model is designed with the right mix of vintage-inspired elegance and contemporary street style in influence. Our seasonal collections aim to reflect a style dedicated to the pleasures of life, those moments that allow you to be yourself and find joy in simple things. VIVEUR is a word that describes a person who lives worldliness and always seeks pleasure. Viveur is the return to audacity that defines our target: cool people who are not afraid to dare, people with a strong personality and an unconditional love for "Made in Italy"

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